Design your own bow tie, sailor bow, or hair bow with any fabric(s) we have listed on our website! *excludes eco-canvas collar fabrics


Our pet bows are handcrafted with high quality cotton fabric and an extra layer of webbing for added durability.


  • Sailor and regular bows can attach either over the collar with elastic or with an elastic band around your pet’s neck. 
  • Hair Bows attatch via an alligator clip (for a pet). 
  • Regular and sailor bows are available in 3 different sizes, while hair bows are available in 1 size. Please see size chart for more details.


Custom Bow

PriceFrom $5.00
  • Sailor Bow:

      Small Medium Large
    Sailor Bow 4.5" x 6" 5.5" x 7" 7" x 8"

    *Custom sizing easily available on request!

    Sailor Bow:

      Small Medium Large
    Regular Bow Tie 4" X 2.25" 5" X 3" 6.25" X 4"

    *Custom sizing easily available on request.

    Mini/Hair Bow:

    Hair Bow 3" x 1.5"


    *Custom sizing easily available on request. 


  • *Please keep in mind that pattern orientation, color, and size may vary slightly based on your computer screen and the cut of the fabric as each item is handcrafted. This will result in a unique bow for your pet!